Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sagely Brotherly Advice

You can ask my friends and/or co-workers...I still do this. My brother has influenced my life more then he thinks.

I forget how old we were...I couldn't have been older then 8 and him 2 years older then me. We were playing hockey in the drive way and I stood too close to one of his friends as he was making a slap stick wacked me in the eye like woah.


  1. The hockey stick thing happened to me during a game of street hockey in pretty much the same way, except it was my brother's stick and I actually had the foolish intention to duck under it and steal the ball before he could finish his shot (I'd done it before to someone else so I was pretty confident in myself).
    Anyway, he had one of those plastic Bauer blades and it shattered into pieces inside my forehead and so while bleeding into a rag my mom drove me to the hospital, where I got the bits removed and stitches put in.
    While there wasn't any sagely advice I can recall, I definitely didn't ever try to do that again :p